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Karmic Koala - Alpha

veröffentlicht um 03.09.2009, 15:52 von Hardy L.   [ aktualisiert: 08.12.2009, 15:27 ]

read about it: Technical Overview

September 04 2009

Installation successful. File system ext4.
+ grub (the new?) is active, the other installation is integrated in menu
+ the additional Monitor works in high res/freq, the graphic is quick
+ Firefox read all my older settings, password etc.
- rythmbox don't import old settings auto, all my ratings gone
- no sound yet, fix this later - okay after update
- where is gnome-commander? - today  could install it
+ aMule 2.2.5 get the old settings and continue work
+ a suspend is now possible, former version had always problem

September 08 2009

My machine is now 2 and 1/2 days up with Karmic
Updates come often - 4 times upgrade was running

Some applications was crashing - the system itself seems stable and agil

December 08 2009

Little late, but...
Karmic is now out for a months and it's great.
For the first period I pass on the ext4 file system.
A friend complain the massive updates day by day and switched to Debian.

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